Checklist Seminar

These ideas inspired more ideas, eventually, they led me to the 5 essential elements of achievement. I began to share these ideas with groups of people, but most importantly, I implemented them in my life and my work. The results have been astounding – well over 80% of the projects I have set my heart to since 2016 have been very successful. The feedback from those who read the book and started using The Checklist has been so fulfilling.

Since writing the book, I continue to gain a deeper understanding of these ideas, and many more ideas that did not make it to the book. These fresh ideas and strategies are what I share at The Checklist Seminars. The first edition was held in 2016, and since then, hundreds of people have benefited from this interactive learning experience.

Here’s your opportunity to make the rest of your life greater than the whole of your life so far. This seminar will help you gain clarity and prepare for greater achievement in your immediate future.